Professional Master Class Series in Strategic Management & Leadership 

Duration : 8 credits

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Evening after 17.00 and on weekends 

Modules / Titles of Lessons

Topics Under the Modules / Lessons 

Lesson 1 / Module 1: Leadership & Management   


Lesson 2 / Module 2: Strategic Management & Leadership  

Lesson 3  / Module 3 : Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 

Why Enroll?

You are looking forward to enhance your management and leadership skills to tackle contemporary business challenges and embrace new opportunities 

You are preparing for a management position or already in a management position and you need the practical skills and tools to take a more senior leadership position in your team or organisation. 

You are seeking a competitive career growth to improve your professional impact by growing your knowledge 

Seeking career growth and want to improve your professional impact by growing your knowledge and building a long-term, powerful network

Core Topics 

Contemporary Approach to Organisational Strategic Development 

Strategic Approach to Changing Business Landscape with Creativity

Individual Project work : Researching into Long-term Strategies to Attract Success in your Business in the current Economical Growth

Orientation to Executive Leadership

Maximizing Strategic Influential Leadership Approach to Meet Organisational Goals 

High Performance Team Leadership & development 

Value and Purpose of Business & Organisational Development 

Orientation to Executive Finance

Cooperate Governance, valuations and mergers acquisition with financial and non financial stake holders

Over view of the Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish Businesses

You will learn from experts and other guest experts with a global experience, business relationships in the International Business World

You will get enriched with teaching materials which are research based insights from outstanding cohort of professionals who will give you updated and trending based knowledge 

You will achieve an executive  strategic goals, skills and ability to lead your team and organisation towards delivering value and productive results to meet the market competition

You will be knowledgeable to make informed strategic business and financial decisions with the skills to critically think about the current workplace or your company to meet the climate cycle

You will build a comprehensive approach to management which will enable you to successfully navigate changes and disruption as you lead your team and company to an increasingly complex and connected world