International Business Deliberation Meeting 

09.06.2024, Helsinki - Finland 

Annual Meeting and lunch for FINSVE members at the Swedish embassy in Helsinki, Finland 

Grand hotel Stockholm 

April 2024


Launching of the new cruise ship , Finncanopus March 7th 2024, Sweden -Naantali, round trip

Peer Support Training

23rd-24th February 2024

She Entrepreneurs 

Suomen Yrittayat 

March 21st 2024

March 2024

Suomen Yrittajat, Mentors & Mentees 

Visit to Gugu Farming & Daugthers, South Africa

February 8th to 16th 2024

Retired Association and Club, South Africa 

February 8th to 16th 2024

@The Noweigian Ambassador To Finland Residence Ambassador Wegger Chr. Strømmen (Mr)

His wife : Reverend Doctor Cecilie Jørgensen Strømmen in the picture with Ms Cecilia N. Quarshie. CEO of Ceci Educare Oy.

February 5th 2024

@The Management and Development Institute The Gambia.

Mr Omar Jallow representing the Institution and our International Cooperation Manager, Mr Ebrima M Njie. Pre negotiation meeting on 5th February 2024.

Delegation Visit by NOFI to Glamox, Tallinn December 2023, in Estonia (Ceci Educare Oy registered Delegate)

Delegation Visit by NOFI to Orkla, Tallinn December 2023, in Estonia (Ceci Educare Oy registered Delegate)

Delegation Visit by NOFI to E - estonia, Tallinn December 2023, in Estonia (Ceci Educare Oy registered Delegate)

Early Years Education Tour in Umka Kindergarten, Finland 

Higher Education Partnership with Hadigala Nursing College and Model High School in Gambia. (Board member and Assistted CEO of Ceci Educare Oy, Alhajie Jabbie)

Delegation x'mas dinner party invitation to NOFI at the Residence of the Norweigian Ambassador's  to Estonia, Tallinn December 2023, in Estonia (Ceci Educare Oy registered Delegate)

Helsinki International Entrepreneurs end of year event, November 2023, in Finland

Attracting International Talent with Helsinki's Brand, December 2023, in Finland 

The Finland Startup Conference 2023, November in Finland

Dr Fatou Bensoudu

Gambia High Commissioner & Non Resident Ambassador to Finland

Honourable Suntu Touray ,

Deputy Ambassador Gambia High Commission, UK, September 2023 in Finland

Early Years Education Tour hosted by Ceci Educare Oy, Guests from India, August 2023 in Finland

Educational Welfare Services for the Immigrant Communities, Hosted by Ceci Educare Oy, February 2023 in Finland 

NOFI 2023 Kick off, March 2023 Finland, Noweigian Ambassador to Finland' Residence. 

Educational Tour to Lapland, Finland, July 2023 

The Royal Commonwealth Nkabom Project, London 2006

Exhibition with Monoma Oy, August 2023, in Finland 

Educational Seminar in Stockholm, Sweden, February 2023

One of the several Online Trainings and Seminars hosted by Ceci Educare Oy in Finland

Educa Conference, Finland March 2023

Online Seminar to HR and M students on Higher Education in Finland and Academic Development, by Ceci Educare Oy, Finland

Online Seminar to HR and M students on Self Care and Wellness, by Ceci Educare Oy. 

Educational Tour to University of Helsinki, Finland. Hosted by Ceci Educare Oy. 

july 2023 summer camp for children in helsinki

Grand seminar / cocktail EVENT FEBRUARY 17TH 2023

Educational / Social Welfare Seminar For The Immigrant Communities In Finland on the areas of :

*Early Years Education / Social Welfare

*Cultural Upbringing / Finnish Culture

*Conflicts & Interacial Couple Child Upbringing

*Threat, International Abduction & Custody Case

*Racism, Bi- Racial Families and Cultural Clash

Date : Friday 17th February 2023

Address : Energiakatu 3, 00180, Helsinki

Time : 13.00-16.30

Host : Ceci Educare Oy        Co-Host : Kaapatut Lapset Ry

Registration : 

Nonna : 045 855 3055

Ceci : 043 670 648


JANUARY 7TH 2023 19.00-20.30 FINLAND GMT 

Meet entrepreneurs, investors, educators, professors, social welfare workers, free lancers and the like. 

There will be short speeches from renown professors.

Award of  participation shall be given to members in the form of certificates.

Only limited spots available. Please cancel your reservation in case you are unable to participate to allow others to register. 

Gala 2023 Conference

Find out more here Gala 2023 Conference 

Thursday 2nd March 2023 - Saturday 4th March 2023

Visit Finland Project 2023


Facebook live event

Children with challenging behaviors.

Saturday 08.10.2022 

15.00-16.00 Finnish GMT 

Link below


Raising families from the African Perspective & the Finnish Perspective 

Partnership with Kaaputut Lapset Ry

October 2022


Conflict about raising a child from a particular cultural way with interracial couples 

Partnership with Kaaputut Lapset Ry


Link for registration & particpation below :

register to the event by contacting :