Question and Answers 

Yes, we are legally registered in Finland with our service provision in Education, Social / Health Care & All other general legal businesses. 

Yes all our staff have :

3. Is Ceci Educare Oy a member of other companies? 

Yes, the following in Europe

4. Does Ceci Educare Oy have other company partners ? 

Yes, we are in legal partnerships with legally registered companies in Finland and outside Finland who have existed for over 5-15 years.

5. Will my diploma be accepted in my own home country’s education system? 

We have most of our courses in joint educational partnership with Hadigala Nursing Colleage and these courses have been registered in the National Accreditation Unit 

6. Can we pay the Tuition fee through money transfers like western union if we do not live in Gambia or can not pay to Finland? 

All our fees goes to the company account in Finland and you will receive an invoiced from Ceci Educare Oy’s legal Company account. 

7. Can I do my internship online? 


8. How long is the internship? 

One month (this can be done after one month of starting the course & same time whilst learning )

9. Will the student be paid for the internship? 

No . You are not working for us but rather we are building your professional life with real life experiences with other partner companies. 



20-25 yrs per week. Individual students need to plan their own calendar and share it to the teacher

Credits counting a minimum of 37 will receive a diploma. (Meaning attending the entire 3 months course). If you study only half way through and are unable to complete the studies, you will receive a certificate of the courses completed. 

Only one. You will get an extra individual work to do for missing the class 

No. We also kindly ask students not to record 

In a common google drive accessible by only students who have paid for their tuition fees 

Online. However students in Gambia can have their second  graduation in Hadigala Nursing College in person with their family and friends. 

This will always be in the evening after 20.00 Finland time which for example is 18.00 Gambian time 

Depends on what you want to study, Certificate or Diploma 

Yes on Facebook. This will keep all alumni who graduate  through  the company.

Please visit the website

They will help track on evictions of scammers , advertising of stuff not under the company and evicting of members who will harass individuals inappropriately 

Students are generally expected to finish the course after 3 months exactly. However you can continue on a maximum of 6 months on a continuous self studies 

Jabbie (assistant CEO, board member) & Ceci (Founder and main lecturer)

Yes . In two installments with one month in between payments 

Kindly check on the application forms

Best student from the course may be awarded with a certificate or something out of the blue 

Absolutely yes. Only if they are legally registered 

We encourage asking for general issues in the student group / chat if anyone can be of assistance. However if it’s a more personal issue you can whatsapp directly to the teacher 

Only to our company bank in Finland